Monday, November 14, 2011

11/11/11 - JUSIE BIRTHDAY...

among us, jusie is the last person yg we raikan..mcm anak bongsu ler kan ahakss..

11/11/11 chantek kan number tak percaya plak bday jusie on that date (kata2 jeles gitu..) wat ever..she's my fren lar kan..

since memasing2 punya schedule we had celebrate her bday a day in usual, no theme2/special place..we prefer santai2 place sambil chit specific topic tp biasanya about our life, career, problem, kiddos & gossip! hahahhaha..

even memasing penat coz meet up after working hrs & time so semua enjoy & of coz bday gurl look so happy..itu yg kita mahu! ngeh3..

let's enjoy bday gurl pix..

choc cake yg chomel gitu..

potong cake cam potong buahkan...opppsss

tersengih2 baca bday card..

and the gift..

we..luv uolls!!

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