Thursday, January 28, 2010


baru 3wks sekolah dah jd camni??

when i rcvd call fr school says my son jatuh & bleeding (aku jd blur skjp) OMG! teruk ke cedera? tak tentu arah ler aku kuar dr ofis cari cab (susah plak nk dpt cab!) & same time call papa adam..dr ofis ke skolah not really sbb location at Jln Ampang yg tkenal dgn jam..rasa cam jauhnya nk smpi kt skolah tu..

7yrs! tis is really make me tak tentu arah..panic..hehhe (kena stitch juga ler his forehead)

tp yg wat aku curious y till now we not receive any call/info fr teacher/principal bout an accident? its happened during school session & they suppose 2 tell parent rite? (wei smpi kena jahit takan bole ignore jek) tak kira lah salah adam sndiri or else..we have rites 2 know..ok never mind! wait till we come 2 u..

Thursday, January 7, 2010


today, hari ke-4 adam skolah...1st day (4/1/2010) skolah even during orientasi adam looks so cool & steady...x mcm mula2 dia ke kindergarten 2yrs back...that d hardest time tp hari nih nmpk dia dh bsedia dr awal...lega hati kami be-2...hehhe

cant believe my boy has been grown up...we always worry b4 about what he will become 2mrow...yet we 4get that he is some1 today!! since in kindergarten we always tell him that education is not preparation 4 life but education is life itself...children r d living messages we send 2 a time we will not see...if we would listen 2 our kids...we'd discover that they r largely self-explanatory...hope my boy today familiar with truths 4 which Archimedes would have given his life...wish all d best 2 my boy...