Wednesday, June 16, 2010


cuti sekolah kali ni we bwk adam jenjln ke Singapore (drive sndiri - senang nk gerak) bila sebut jek kota singa of coz in mind 'oh..expensive!'..tau je ler exchange rate dia high (klu stkt budget 1K baik cuti dlm Msia jek) sbb mmg dah janji nk ke sana (gue de sedara mara kt sana) bak kata org sambil mnyelam minum air lar...

we stay at Orchard area & next to Mount Elizabeth hospital..hotel rate dia ai tell u..1 night punya rate = 1 nights 5* hotel kt KL..wpun hotel yg we all stay takat 3* tp very the puas booked deluxe room earlier tp mrk upgrade my room to 'suite' & add 1 sofa bed w/out extra chgs..bilik cantik & bersih..bathroom & changing room pon a bit tight..masa register fr check-in mrk akan mtk passport semua yg stay in the room & they will scan in their system..then mrk akan bg 1 access card fr 1 adult to get in/out to the hotel..turun naik lift pon kena swipe card..

antara tmpt2 yg mnarik -

Singapore Flyer - ok flight yg besar & air-cond...dr atas boleh nmpk view Singapore (Johor pon nmpk)..utk complete 1 whole round its take about 30min..mrk ada juga sediakan packg2 spt in-flight audio guide..solemnisation..signature cocktail & full butler service sky dining..

Night Safari - byk outlets for a souvenir..ada night show at the amphitheatre..30min non-stop action packed show as their star animals demonstrate & amaze with their predatory & survival instincts..then hop on board the tram +- 45min tram ride with commentary across a landscape that dramatically chgs..

Universal Studios Singapore -the 1st experience many new rides & shows based on blockbuster hits..USS boasts a collection of world 1st incl the Far-Far Away Castle fr the world of Shrek & Madagascar...Shrek 4-D adventure best gila!!

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